If You Know How To Sell Gold Jewelry For Cash,

Most people assemble gold trinkets and items of some worth during their lives, and much of it has little sentimental value. If you know how to sell gold jewelry for cash, you can convert some things you don't need into money in the bank. Here are some pointers on ways to get the most for your gold jewelry.


1. Have your jewelry appraised by three independent jewelers. This is not necessarily the selling price you might expect, because if some items are sold independently of others, the total bottom line can be different. If you must pay a fee for the appraisal, pick the best jeweler you can find and only use the one. You might check with friends, neighbors, and co-workers to see if they have experience with a jeweler.

2. Selling jewelry just for the gold is probably a mistake. Junking the pieces and taking the gold from them decreases the value overall. It is better to sell gold jewelry intact.

3. Sell any jewelry for scrap that is worthless as it is. In other words, cuff links or earrings have no value if the mate is missing.

4. If you sell directly to someone, go to a jewelry store instead of a pawn shop because you will stand to get a better price.

5. If you sell online, be sure that the package you ship is insured to cover the cost of the contents, and get a tracking number to be sure it is delivered and you have proof.

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