Simoncelli Killed in Malaysian MotoGP

Marco Simoncelli was finally declared dead after an accident involving him at the Sepang Circuit. Previously, reportedly was conscious despite his condition critical.

From the information obtained detiksport at the Sepang Circuit on Sunday ( 10.23.2011 ), Simoncelli was killed at 16:56 o'clock local time.

While this is still awaited formal confirmation from the MotoGP which is scheduled to hold a press conference shortly.

Malaysian MotoGP race to be canceled associated himself finally occurred on the second lap crash involving Marco Simoncelli and Colin Edwards.

As reported previously, in the race who directly witnessed detiksport of the Sepang circuit on Sunday ( 10.23.2011 ), the accident occurred when the motorcycle skidded sideways when Simoncelli was cornering.

Unfortunately for Simoncelli, he fell in the middle of the track. Impact, he was hit by Colin Edwards, who was in the back. Red flags were hoisted and the race was stopped.

Valentino Rossi was also affected by the collision of the two drivers were. However, Rossi, who had slid off the track, looks fine

Until this news was revealed, Simoncelli, a helmet until released by the collision, it is still getting treatment from the medical team.

Honda Gresini rider was said to Eurosport in the conscious state, but the condition is critical enough to finally have been killed. Meanwhile, Edwards suffered a dislocated shoulder

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