Google Adsense Ad For Mobile

I stumbled upon a Google Adsense ad for Mobile Content on Indonesian news portal DetikCOM via Opera Mini this afternoon, and wondered how it could display the ads. Google Adsense for Mobile, as most people understand, is not available in Indonesia.

Curious and confused, I google-searched for Adsense Mobile Content. I came across Adsense official blog post explaining that more than 14 countries, including Malaysia, Hong Kong and Indonesia, have now supported the Mobile Content. If a publisher develops mobile apps, he can also use Admob -- which has now been integrated with Google Adsense -- to show ads in the applications.

With this new update, the Mobile Content now supports bahasa Indonesia, which makes it easy for publishers and Indonesian bloggers like me to display the ads on non-English wapsites. I think I have to make my own bahasa Indonesia mobile blog now.

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Google Adsense Ad For Mobile

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28 July 2018 at 17:11

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